X-Last Manchester Bollard

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X- Last Bollards are an innovative range of bollards with unique properties rendering them both highly resistant and very flexible. This makes them one of the safest, durable and maintenance free bollards available.

Their high resistance and rigidity make them an ideal choice for preventing vehicles from entering prohibited zones such as footpaths and pedestrian areas, whilst their flexibility enables them to return to their original shape and position after even the most severe impact.

The X-Last Manchester bollard boldly stands as the premier passively safe solution, adhering to the BS- EN12767 safety standard.

Renowned for its iconic heritage design, the Manchester is a prevalent sight throughout the UK, making it the perfect choice for complementing the cityscape aesthetic.



  • Virtually indestructible bollard
  • NE4 passive safety rated
  • Non-corrosive and durable material
  • Reflective banding
  • High resistance yet flexible
  • Withstands over 1000 impacts
  • Wide range of colours and styles
  • Coloured material as opposed to paint
  • Composite Socket & Retention Socket installation options available


X-Last Bollard Purchase Specification

  • Bollards must be manufactured from Elastomeric Polymer with the base colour impregnated within the polymer material.
  • Top colours will be painted using elastic coatings.
  • Bollards must be UV, abrasion, moisture and weather resistant.
  • Bollards must be passively safe to EN12767 - Classification NE4.
  • Bollards must be HIC Tested with a maximum value of 600.
  • Bollards must withstand a min of 320kgs force before folding to 90 degrees of their upright position.
  • Bollards must be able to withstand multiple impacts without any loss of strength.
  • Bollards must have the ability to perform as above with temperatures ranges from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • All reflective banding must be to EN12899-1 Class RA2.
  • Bollards root must be a maximum of 190mm in depth.
  • Bollards must be supplied with cast in, bolt down or NAL retention socket installation options.
  • All bollards must be provided to the above specification by NAL Ltd or an equally approved manufacturer.
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