X-Last Bollard Composite Socket

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The NAL Composite Socket has been introduced to compliment the X-Last range of impact resistant bollards.

The Bollard is secured with a locking steel pin, which is housed in a recessed side chamber of the socket. This chamber is protected by a locking pedestrian cover preventing unauthorised access. The system allows the rapid removal of the bollards by authorised personnel when required.

Having an overall depth of 200mm and a small foundation requirement the system can be installed easily in the most congested footways. It is designed for use with all 150mm diameter base standard, solarlight and illuminated X- Last Bollards.



  • 200mm Installation depth
  • Small foundation required
  • Pedestrian plug tested to Class B BS5834-2: 2011
  • Suitable for both illuminated and non-illuminated applications
  • Allows simple and rapid removal by authorised personnel


Purchase Specification

  • Composite Sockets to be manufactured to suit base design of all 150mm X-Last Bollards designs.
  • Depth of socket must be no greater than 202mm.
  • Bollards must be locked into the socket with a 128mm steel pin.
  • The securing pin must be housed in a lockable recessed side chamber which is flush with the surrounding surface.
  • Recessed side chamber covers must be locked in place with M8 stainless steel T-key fixing.
  • Sockets must be able to withstand unlimited vehicle impacts to the X-Last Bollards.
  • Pedestrian plugs must be tested to Class B BS5834-2: 2011.
  • Composite sockets are to be supplied to the above specification by NAL or any equally approved manufacturer.
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