Verge Post - Fleximarker HL (Long)

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Hazard Delineator, Verge Post - Fleximarker HL (Long)

The Fleximarker HL verge post is one of the Blakedale range of road hazard delineators, the Long version being 1200 mm above ground after installation. It is a flexible hazard delineator post used for traffic calming on motorway slip roads, dual carriageways, trunk roads, car parks and other points of potential danger. This flexible verge post can be used in all kinds of situations where there is HARD landscaping (as opposed to soft ground, such as soil, gravel, sandy ground where our standard Fleximarker should be used).

This post has the same spring-back mechanism as our original Fleximarker post. The Fleximarker HL is designed to flex by up to 90 degrees in any direction and is self-righting after impact.

No additional screws are required to install Fleximarker HL on site; it is weighted down with the surface around it sufficient to hold the socket in position. Fleximarker HL can be fitted with reflectors in a choice of red, white or amber, making it highly visible in all weather and lighting conditions. It is also extremely durable and virtually maintenance free as the sturdy 5mm thick post is rust and rot proof. If repeatedly knocked down, the damaged post can be easily removed from the socket and replaced.

Product Details

  • For use in HARD landscaped areas (where standard Fleximarker for soft areas will not do)
  • Socket used for fixing to hard landscape environments
  • Blends in well with existing posts
  • Combines outstanding flexibility with remarkable visibility
  • Clearly visible in bad weather, low light conditions and night time
  • High intensity reflectors available in RED, WHITE and AMBER
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Outstanding spring-back mechanism
  • Remarkable resistance to vandalism
  • Sturdy, rust and rot proof
  • 5 mm thick for long life
  • Fast, easy installation - no digging or backfilling required
  • Compatible with diagram 561 of the Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 4, 2004
  • Conforms to the Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 4, 2004 (Warning Signs)
SPECIFICATIONS: Fleximarker HL (Long) Verge Post
H x W x D: 1200 mm x 105 mm
Height above ground: 1200 mm
Fleximarker HL (Long) - Weight: 1 kg
Reflectors (High Intensity): Available in RED/WHITE High Intensity; YELLOW/AMBER Economy
Reflector Size: 150 mm x 90 mm
Ground Socket H x W x D: 100 mm x 100 mm x 200 mm
Socket - Weight: 3 kg
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